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Fukuoka, much like many cities in Japan, is home to a rich spiritual history, and is dotted with a wide variety of Buddhist Temples, Zen Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines.

Tochoji Temple

Tochoji Temple is located right in the heart of the city. There are a few temple structures in the plaza.

 The most striking is the 5 story red pagoda. Although it was recently constructed in 2011 to celebrate the temple’s anniversary it is still immediately striking.

Tochoji Temple is also home to a 30ft high wood carved Buddha.

Shofukuji Temple 

Shofukuji Temple is a Zen Buddhist Temple with beautiful architecture, grounds, and zen gardens. Needless to say it was very peaceful.

Kushida Shrine

Kushida Shrine is a Shinto Shrine and a place of worship for those practicing the Shinto religion. A Shinto Gate is a clue as to if you are entering a Buddhist or Zen Buddhist Temple, or a Shinto Shrine.

Shinto Gate


Kushida Shrine was abuzz when I was there. It seemed like a place of lots of activity. I saw people dressed in suits and a photographer. As it turned out, there was a wedding ceremony being held.

Ryuguji Temple

This is a small little temple is named Ryuguji Temple.

Suikyo Tenmangu Shrine 

I almost missed Suikyo Tenmangu Shrine as I was biking in to Tenjin. It’s located right outside of Tenjin and although it is small it has many nice features including a koi pond.

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