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Market day happens in a building and parking lot right across from my building. I very much lucked out. Market day happens on days of the month that end with a 4 or 9 (like the 14th, 19th, etc.). I have no idea why. They also happen every Saturday.

Various kinds of kim chi

Markets are much cheaper than the grocery store. You can get like two pounds of plums for like 3,000 won (like $2.75 USD) .

Fruit for sale

As far as the things you can buy at the market  fruit like peaches and plums are very prevalent. They do have some apples, but not often and they are expensive. They also have some Asian pears. They also have these small yellow fruits that are like a melon and taste similar to honeydew.  In terms of vegetables they do a lot greens. Cabbage, lettuce, bok choy are all very popular and prevalent. They have potatoes, peppers and carrots. They have some broccoli but its small in quantity and expensive. Onions and garlic are everywhere and cheap.

Mushrooms for sale

Cookies for sale

They also have fish and seafood at the market. I saw a large Styrofoam lid filled with ice cubes and wriggling eel. The sell meat, but if you want chicken you buy a whole raw chicken. I haven't tried that route yet, but soon I will, and I'll figure out how to butcher it.

Fish and seafood for sale

Large mounds of small dried fishes

They sell street food, but a lot of it is mostly just deep-fried and on a stick. They sell kim chi, but the give it to you as a liquid in a clear plastic bag.
Different kinds of kim chi

Kim chi for sale 
There’s a downstairs area to the market as well that is more similar to a grocery store.

Downstairs in the market

Downstairs in the market

And I had to include this picture. This was  box of puppies I saw at the market.

Puppies for sale

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  1. do you love kimchi now?
    and you have to try the live octopus :)