Monday, July 16, 2012



My studio apartment is right in the middle of the Sangnam-dong. Dong means neighborhood. And poop. And “east.” All those brightly lit buildings surround me.

My apartment has a kitchen with a stove (no oven), AC, a washer/dryer, cable TV, internet and a sweet little loft area. There’s a bathroom with a standup shower and sufficient closet space. I pay for my utilities. I was told by the previous occupant not to flush my used toilet paper. In Korea, even in public bathrooms, there’s a little garbage can where your poop-toilet paper goes. I still flush it and have not had problems thus far.

I have a view of the Sangnam and live right across the street from the bustling Saturday market (photos of Saturday market to come).

View from the loft

Day time view out my window

Day time view out my window

Night time view out my window
My hallway and stairs to the loft

Kitchen/Laundry Room

A word about bathrooms. Everything is constantly wet always. Definite sandals territory whenever you go in there. The reason being, dirty feet + water = grime. Also My body hair sheds so much it can make for a gross combination. Thats why I do a daily hair sweep. It's just what you gotta do. Oh also, if you look closely there's a happy peeing elf decal on my toilet seat lid. As much as I'd like to say it was my idea, it came with the apartment.
Bring your flip flops


  1. "daily hair sweep"

    such is the plight of the furred

  2. Monthly payment how much? And the deposit? I was wondering to stay at your place for 1 year😅