Wednesday, November 14, 2012



With the help of two friends I was able to put my bed up in the upper half-story of my 1.5 story studio apartment.

This opened up my studio apartment to have a living room area. I got a hand-me-down couch and had another friend help me move it using her SUV.

All these things came together and I was able to entertain some guests by hosting a taco night. I bought some tortillas, corn chips, cheese and salsa and made some Mexican chicken with lots of cumin, cilantro, lemons and green onions.

Two of my Korean friends had never had tacos before. With about 10 guests I considered the party a success.

Pictured (l-r) Peter, Candace, Courtney, Kelly and Walker

Pictured (l-r): Peter, Candace, Kelly, Walker and Caley
Pictured (r-l): Caley, Kelsey, Lucas, Peter,
Ange Walker, Kelly and Courtney

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