Thursday, September 27, 2012



In September of 2003 I moved into my 1st floor dorm room in Boynton Hall at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. I very much enjoyed my year in Boynton Hall, met plenty of characters and made lifelong friends. Of these floor-mates was a Korean exchange student named Jee-Sang. He spoke English well enough and although we were friendly we weren't necessarily close friends. There was no malice, but we had had maybe a dozen conversations throughout the year that we lived down the hall from one another.

Fast-forward to 2012. Through keeping in touch on Facebook we were able to orchestrate a rendez-vous in nearby Busan. He currently is finishing his university schooling in Eugene, which had been stunted in part by the mandatory military service for South Korean men. While on break from school, he took 3 weeks to come to back to his hometown in Seoul. We communicated in this time, and he told me he had a friend from his military service that he knew in Busan. His friend, Dong-Hui, was Police Officer in the Busan coast guard. Jee-Sang asked if I wanted to meet in Busan and we could meet with Dong-Hui down in Busan (Busan is about 4.5 hours from Seoul). I thought the idea was great, so I came down to Busan that weekend to meet with the acquaintance I had not seen in nearly a decade.

Boynton Hall Reunion! 9 Years later

It really goes to show you really do never know how, or in what capacity, people will come back to your life again.

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