Monday, August 27, 2012



I spent the evening walking around Changwon’s neighboring city, Masan, with some newly made friends. Masan translates as “horse mountain” because apparently its mountain looks like a horse. It’s located on the sea, but lacks beaches and is mostly just industrial ports. It has the nick name “Dream Bay.” Because of its seaside location, it is a prime spot for seafood and home to the Masan Fish Market. It wasn’t in operation the day we visited.

Masan Fish Market

Masan Market
We walked around the streets of Masan looking for the elusive Mexican restaurant we sought to find.


When we finally found it, it was worth the wait. I ordered chicken with mole sauce. Also they had chips and salsa. Be forewarned: the ingredients to this salsa I believe are onions and fire. I actually had to call it quits on the salsa (anyone who knows me knows that that’s pretty serious).

No not Tijuana... Masan, Korea

We then walked around Masan’s newly renovated Art District. This area got a major facelift two years ago from a sad post industrial part of town to a thriving art community full of galleries, shops and burgeoning street and public art.

We peeked in some galleries.

Thats a homemade human sized transformer robot model

Hitler and Charlie Chaplin. The difference, according to the shirt?
"It's the hat"

We then walked around Masan a bit more and watched a little bit of the Olympics on a big TV screen hanging over an intersection showing the marathon event.

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